ALPHATEK Spring Assisted Knife APEX440C Review

ALPHATEK Spring Assisted Knife APEX440C Review


There are several blades to browse on the off chance that you are searching for a decent EDC Knife or one to convey for self-preservation purposes. There is a major deviation in value extending from blades at below ten dollars to ones estimated in their hundreds.

I picked the ALPHATEK APEX440C in light of different clients reviews and furthermore on some cool visuals I saw of the item. The bottle opener is a pleasant additional component and functions admirably! Truth be told I have utilized the bottle opener the most for now! It’s decent that you have the option of not having to open up the sharp edge to utilize the bottle opener feature.

The blade arrived sharp yet not well sharp enough, this may be a major issue for a few however for me it is sufficiently sharp for regular use. It optionally comes with a serrated saw edge that had blended ratings. I’m not anticipating utilizing the saw so again no main problem for me yet other customers have said that it slices through rope OK. The handle can be utilized as a glass breaker which in a crisis circumstance could prove to be handy.


The dark weathered looking finish of the blade makes it genuinely subtle and gives it a strategic look that will fit in with my EDC unit and other strategic rigging I create. Tastefully it is extremely satisfying on the eye.

In the hand the Knife feels strong and sufficiently sturdy yet is genuinely light, it adjusts pleasantly, however. The grasp is textured to feel pleasant in the hand and it is not liable to slip.

It likewise comes beautifully packaged so in case you have somebody in your life who might want this kind of item it would make a really cool gift.

As I specified before my purpose behind purchasing is to utilize it in my EDC pack and for self-preservation. So taking that into account I love the spring assisted blade and just as described it opens lightning fast. You can also open and close it with one hand. It does take a little pressure to open but once you use it a few times you will get used to how much pressure to apply. I feel when it is closed it is safe enough that it won’t open up in my pocket.

One thing I see perusing the reviews was that customers who did receive broken or faulty blades got extraordinary customer service and had their blades replaced straight away, with no hassle.

A portion of the reviews contrasted the blade and more costly brands like Benchmade and said there wasn’t much distinction between the two brands aside from cost. I can’t generally give a genuine comment on this as I have never possessed a Benchmade knife.



My Final Thoughts

For an under $30 blade, this met every one of my desires and the sky is the limit from there, I adore the look of it, the exceptionally quick opening and the decent additional component of the bottle opener. The ALPHATEK APEX440C  is an awesome expansion to my strategic unit and should prove to be useful in a crisis





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